HBO recently renewed its hit series Westworld for a third season. Before we can even begin to get into what a third season of this series would look like, we have to make it through the second season, which is already churning out stellar episodes.

After the gripping "Riddle of the Sphinx" episode that aired on Sunday night, it's time to head down to the Conspiracy Corner to get some insight from one of the stars of the series: Jeffrey Wright, who portrays Bernard.

Wright, whose career spans two decades and features him playing everyone from Jean Michel Basquiat to Valentin on Boardwalk Empire, found his way into our safe space to dive into all kinds of Westworld facts and theories. He opened up about how "the breakdown of the machine" that makes up Bernard is represented in his physical shaking and movements in the series. He also delved into what fans of the series should be paying attention to when watching the show this season.

"Pay attention to every detail on the set," Wright said, "particularly where there are images on walls, drawings, paintings... they always speak to themes."

Wright also commented on how Reddit tries to jump the gun and gives an interesting "yeah, OK," but does commend on how close some of the theories he's seen online have come to being reality.

For those of you wanting some insight on how much Wright knows about the story going into filming, or Wright's views on how the topics of surveillance and data in our country play into what's going on in Westworld, watch the full clip above. It's deep stuff, and just so you know, this is only part one of our conversation!

Westworld airs on Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on HBO (or hit up HBO Go).