If you want to watch some of the best films streaming platforms have to offer— and you don't mind reading subtitles— Netflix has something for you. Among its many titles, the streaming giant has a large selection of foreign films, so you can explore the world of film outside the United States, with genres spanning from drama to comedy to thriller. 

Though only afforded one Oscar category, international film deserves year-round recognition; some of the best movies of all time come from beyond our borders, and recent history proves it. Just ask Oscar-winning, black and white Roma, awarded for cinematography, directing, and achievement in foreign language film, from the mind of acclaimed director Alfonso Cuarón. 

It can be easy to forget that foreign film includes all of the same genres and categories we love, from documentary to comedy to horror to thrillers to drama movies. You might mainly know Netflix for TV shows, but there's plenty of must-see cinema streaming, too. These are the best foreign films on Netflix.