So, you've haven't had a good week.  At the office, the workload is piling up and your boss is riding you hard. Outside of the office, the old ball-and-chain is misconstruing every word you say and a simple conversation has turned into a verbal assault. You can’t seem to catch a break or have a moment of peace. You turn on the TV and are bombarded by overplayed shows that seem to mock your current situation. Well, we know what you need is some uninterrupted and uncontrollable belly laughs because laughter is always the best medicine. TV off; Netflix on. Genres like romance, horror, or original series won't cut it, and for that we recommend comedy.

There's no better source of relief than a purely funny film. Shit, how about 25 of them? Having scoured through the Netflix catalog of watch-now comedies, we’ve assembled the following list of The 25 Best Comedy Movies on Netflix, covering the complete spectrum of cinematic guffaws. Watch a few trailers and see if any of these movies and all star casts can right those aforementioned real-world stresses in just one night. Let the incredible comedy actors you love like Will Ferrell, Kristen Wiig, Adam Scott, and Bill Hader take over your TV screen.

Any of these funny movies can be great escapes from reality, but if you are still not in love with anything on this list of comedy originals, be sure to check out our list of The Best Movies on Netflix Right Now. If two hours of comedy entertainment just isn't enough time to make you forget your troubles, don't be afraid to binge-watch an entire season of your favorite show off our 50 Best TV Shows on Netflix. The more the merrier we always say. If life gets you down again, just remember Netflix is always there for you.

Now go grab a bowl of good, buttery popcorn, and that ice cream you love oh so much; sit back, relax, and enjoy a night of comedy. These are the Best Comedy Movies on Netflix. 

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