You've got Netflix pulled up, and you're in the mood to watch something funny. You've worked your way through every show on the streaming platform, and in terms of funny content, you've already exhausted every comedy show Netflix has to offer. You've watched The Office more times than you can count, and you still have to wait another year for the next season of Big Mouth to drop on Netflix. Although you may love every comedic show on the platform, one thing is certain: you need something funny and long.

Don't worry, that's where we come in. Our list of the best comedy films on Netflix is the perfect place to find a film when you're looking to have a laugh. A cast full of veteran comedians, those who have made the comedy genre what it is today; or maybe some newcomers, who are setting an even higher bar for the genre. Look no further, folks. We've scoured Netflix to find every hilarious film and stand up special streaming on the site today that will having you bursting with laughter.

Some are over-the-top, laugh-out-loud material like The Death of Stalin; others are dark comedies like Heathers, or more subtle in their gags. But whatever your taste, there's a comedy available for you. And don't worry, once you've worked through this list, you can go back to re-watching your favorite TV show (don't worry, we're not judging). 

But if you're still looking for more Netflix titles to watch, we've got you covered. Check out the best movies on Netflix or the best action movies on Netflix to get your streaming fix. These are the best comedy movies on Netflix right now. Pick a film and get to giggling.