Producer: Johnny "J"
Album: Better Dayz
Label: Amaru/Death Row

Johnny "J" provides another epic soundscape to contain Tupac's limitless supply of rage. On this track Pac screams on a new set of East Coast enemies. His attack on Mobb Deep is cold-blooded: "Ni**a you barely livin'/Ain't you got sickle cell?/See me on stage/You ain't feelin' well." He even goes in on Da Brat—and wait... did Tupac just threaten to cut Lauryn Hill? Lauryn Hill? "I heard the Fugees was tryin' to do me/Look bitch I'll cut you/This ain't a movie." We love how he refers to Pras and Wyclef as the "other two." Someone take the mic away from this man before we all go to hell.