Album: Aaliyah (2001)

For her third album, Aaliyah opted to reach beyond the duo-Timbo and Missy-that crafted her critically acclaimed second album. She reportedly wanted Trent Reznor to contribute to the project, but scheduling conflicts prohibited the two from working together. She instead worked with Blackground's crew of in-house producers, including Eric Seats and Rapture, for the majority of the album. However, one of the album's strongest cut, and lead single, came courtesy of Timothy Mosely. With a spiraling clarinet sample and a Tim's usual star-stop drums, the song shows a more grown and confident Aaliyah grappling with infidelity. On the low, the song features one of Baby Girl's strongest vocal performances and one of the Timbo's best (or, at least, most tolerable) guest verses.—Damien Scott