Album: One in a Million (1996)

This early Timbaland production might make you shoulder lean, but pay attention because Aaliyah's giving you fair warning: Just trying to holler is enough to get you in trouble with wifey.

"If Your Girl Only Knew," is an often overlooked single off 1996's One in a Million, but it reached 11 on the Billboard US Hot 100, making it Aaliyah's third single to break through the top 20. Numbers aside, for this banger, Baby Girl delivers her usual sweet yet haunting vocals over one of Timbaland's best beats. But it's arguably the lyrics, from Missy and Timbaland, that make this one of Aaliyah's hottest song. It's part ladies' anthem-I'm not going to help you cheat on you girl, part humble brag-I could have your man if I really wanted him.

And yes, that's the old (real) Lil' Kim making a cameo in the video. —Shannon Marcec