Album: I Care 4 U (2002)

Aaliyah mastered the art of longing. Considered not to be a "smash record" by her label, the song, written in '98 for her third album by Ginuwine, Johnta Austin, and Teddy Bishop, didn't come out until the release of Aaliyah's posthumous I Care 4 U. With her passing in a tragic plane crash in August, 2001, the song took on an entirely new meaning. The Darren Grant-directed video acted as a tribute to the fallen star and featured all of Aaliyah's friends and past collaborators including DMX, Static Major, Missy Elliott, and Lil Kim. All that aside, the song itself is a masterstroke in lovelorn yearning with Aaliyah spilling tears over a lost love. It made sense, then, that it was one of her last tracks, as it summed up the way her family, friends, and fans felt upon her passing. —Damien Scott