The ongoing feud between former Slaughterhouse members KXNG Crooked and Joe Budden continues as Crooked has now suggested that Budden was one of the reasons why the group was unable to release new music back in the day.

While joining the Bootleg Kev podcast, Crooked discussed the group’s woes and why he believed Budden was at the center of them. First, Crooked explained why he’s frustrated with Royce da 5’9” over his claims that Crooked and Joell Ortiz weren’t waiting on him or Budden to drop new music. 

“Put yourself in the fans shoes for a minute,” he says in the clip below. “You’ve been waiting on one of your favorite groups in the world to drop an album for 10 years. Now behind the scenes, I’ve been taking flights to New York, go talk to Paul Rosenberg. I’ve been taking flights to Detroit, talking to Em, talking to Royce, how can we put this back together? It’s not happened in 10 years. So you’re telling me you want me to wait again and then I saw something where Royce said that we weren’t waiting on anybody… that’s a lie.”

Taking it a step further, Crooked then went into a situation that happened in the late 2000s when Slaughterhouse just got their deal with Shady Records and Budden apparently stopped them from dropping music because of a deal he was already signed to.

“Joe was signed to another label and caught up in some paperwork,” Crooked said. “They called over to Shady like, ‘Hey we have him under contract, you have to get a clearance from us to have him appear on the song.’ All of us supposedly free agents to sign this deal with Shady, and come to find out Joe was on the paperwork, he said that they forged his signature and that wasn’t him. The group was put on the shelf for a minute while he was fighting amalgam digital label in court, and we were waiting on Joe because we couldn’t move forward, and that took months.”

Beef between Budden, Royce, Crooked, and Joell Ortiz came to the surface again after Ortiz and Crooked announced that they would be releasing a new project called The Rise And Fall Of Slaughterhouse, to the disapproval of the other two former members. The ex-group got into it on Instagram Live a few weeks back as well, and Crooked doesn’t even believe all four members could get on Zoom together.

Watch what else KXNG Crooked had to say about Slaughterhouse and trying to put out new music in his full interview down below.