Lil Baby snapped during his verse on Drake’s song “Wants and Needs,” and some social media users thought that two women who were reciting his lyrics bar-for-bar also did. Others, not so much. 

A video went viral on social media of the aforementioned two women rapping Lil Baby’s verse in its entirety at what looks like a wedding party and it’s been getting a lot of attention from rap fans.

One of the women in the video noticed her performance went viral and put up a poll on her Instagram asking what song she should perform next.

There were also another video circulating on social media of one of the women, who is followed by Drake on Instagram, rapping to King Von.

Some think the video is great—and also realized Lil Baby doesn’t say the n-word once during his verse as the two women in the video, who appear to be white, don’t have to stumble over their words. Others weren’t as impressed with the clip.

Check out what people had to say about the viral video down below.