Winner: Dumbgood’s American Psycho activation

Movie fans got to see a cult classic come to life this weekend. Dumbgood’s activation this year was an ode to American Psycho, and they debuted a new collection inspired by the film exclusively at ComplexCon. The film, which starred Christian Bale as Patrick Bateman, was about a successful investment banker living in New York City who lived a double life as a menacing serial killer by night. 

The film has become a fan-favorite since its release for its examination of capitalism, misogyny, violence, and all the elements that made Patrick the monster he was. Dumbgood recreated his iconic minimalist apartment for their booth and included small details from the film throughout, like Patrick’s “favorite album” Huey Lewis and the News’ Fore! and reservations stickers for Dorsai, a restaurant that is mentioned frequently in the movie. 

“Dumbgood is all about pop culture,” Dumbgood’s co-founder and creative director Amelia Muqbel tells Complex. “We specialize in ‘90s and 2000s properties. We do all different types of genres but we really like to revisit movies like American Psycho, that we’re showing today. Obviously, it’s like a huge cult classic but I don’t think they ever got their little merch moment back then.” 

Fans who weren’t in attendance will also have the chance to get their hands on some of these limited pieces online. “We worked really hard to secure the rights for this property, it wasn’t as easy as some of the other ones but we finally got it so we brought it to ComplexCon to debut it first and it will also be available on our website,” Muqbel added. “This is the first look at everything. It’s a very limited edition collection, we won’t be restocking it so everyone gets a chance to buy it here.”