Verse: 2
Best line: “The semi go ‘Tra’ like Don Chezina”

Boston’s Estee Nack has been putting in important work in one of rap’s most important scenes: “the underground.” I put that in quotation marks because with the Internet being a thing, “the underground” shouldn’t be either. Some of y’all are too lazy to listen to some shit that doesn’t have a trap or drill beat. Both of Nack’s verses on Westside Gunn’s “Banana Yacht” are exercises in the essence of lyrical mastery over beautiful production provided by Denny Laflare and Diamante. I’m a sucker for bilingual raps so I picked his second verse for last few bars, with an emphasis on the Don Chezina reference. If you like Griselda, you’ll like Estee and his frequent collaborator Al Divino. They rep the state of Massachusetts well. —Angel Diaz