Drake Tells Rick Ross He 'Shoulda Just Asked for Another Feature,' Rozay Demands Apology and BBL Confession

Ross doubts Drake will respond to his "Champagne Moments" diss, saying the "pace is boring me, it's moving too slow."

Drake on stage with a microphone, and Rick Ross performing, both in casual attire
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Drake on stage with a microphone, and Rick Ross performing, both in casual attire

Drake and Rick Ross have taken the smoke to the DMs.

On Tuesday night, Ross sent his many-time collaborator Drake an Instagram video from an account discussing the OVO head selling his last remaining property in the United States. The $88 million mansion is "the most expensive home on the market right now in the prestigious 90210 area code," L.A. luxury realtor Tyler Neale says in the clip.

Rozay took the opportunity to tell Drizzy it's "time to upgrade the [1978] jumbo jet," a.k.a. Air Drake.

The image shows a man speaking in a video with text overlay about Drake selling his mansion, including tags and emojis

Drake revealed his lengthy reply on his IG Stories.

"Imagine you having 88 million to spend on a crib," he told Ross alongside a slew of crying/laughing emojis. "Your shits be steals like you got em from a police auction. Your star island house on a sliver of cheesecake. your lot 40000 square feet my crib 40000 square feet Leonard. And you put a wrap on your timeshare jet that shit coming off when it's the other people turn to fly."

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Drake, 37, went on to call 48-year-old Ross a "Brett Berrish worker," referring to the owner of Luc Belaire, one of the beverages the Richer Than I Ever Been hitmaker frequently boosts on his IG. "How many cases you gotta move before you got a cheque finally," Drake trolled, Canadian spelling and all. "Shit prob took a lifetime to see some real bread. You're Brett son now you not Rozay anymore."

"Look how I talk to this turkey," the For All the Dogs MC added on his Stories. "You shoulda just asked for another feature."

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In a follow-up photo showing an aerial view of Ross' Miami property, Drizzy continued antagonizing, saying, "Rick you sandwiched in (which is on brand) cause the vacant land not yours 😂😂 this shit the Miami starter pack you living in a content creator crib."

Aerial view of a large mansion with a message teasing a friend about living in a content creator house

In a series of posts leading up to Drake's, Ross demanded an apology. "I'm the bigger person, I'm a boss. Drake, I'm gonna give you the opportunity to apologize," he said on his Stories. "First and foremost you gotta admit, confess you got your nose, your nose reduction. And confess you got a BBL. And I understand, I know what it's like having those flaps on your stomach and that sweat being under there, you ain't wanna do that, you wanted to just [say] fuck a gym, n***a. ... You could go get it done, and you did it. Just confess."

Drake clapped back at Kendrick Lamar and half of the entire rap game on Saturday when his "Push Ups (Drop & Give Me 50)" diss leaked. Ross released his response "Champagne Moments" mere hours later, then put it on streaming services on Monday night, and now he's getting impatient, saying on Instagram, "I know you not gon' respond, and this pace is boring me, it's moving too slow. When I came in the game, you had to move fast."

Birdman stood up for Drake over the weekend, writing alongside a picture of himself and his former YMCMB artist, "I'm ridin with you 4L. I got ur bak." Ross exploited that too.

"White boy, white boy, BBL Drizzy, I got a question," he said, clearly taking delight in the monologue. "I saw you posted you got more money than Ricky Rozay, and let's assume you did. Well your best friend Birdman, his house went into foreclosure five years ago. You done watched that man struggle them five years and ain't get that man a mansion? 'Cause if you got more money than Rozay, what's another 50 million, white boy? White boy, it's [a house] for 40 on Indian Creek, it's one for 50 on Star Island. You got 48 hours white boy, if you got Ricky Rozay money—ain't none of my n***as went in foreclosure."

Once he told Drake "the countdown has begun" for him to buy Birdman a mansion within 48 hours, he went big picture, snarling, "N***a your nose fake, your stomach fake, you don't write raps, your biggest homie's in foreclosure. Come on, man. Go buy all them n***as that's living with each other a big mansion and put the BBL Drizzy logo on the gates, man."

As far as shots at Air Drake, Ross claimed, "That old-ass jet you got, they gave it to you free, that's a 1978. Be safe on that, Drizzy. ... And anybody getting on it, be safe man, wear your seatbelts and make sure the oxygen thing's in there, 'cause that shit was just for luggage, it wasn't for human beings."

Once Ross saw Drake's "shoulda just asked for another feature" barb, he went back in, telling him, "I don't need you for a remix, white boy. I don't need you. All them other n***as wanna tell you what I'm telling you, I'm saying it for all the n***as who ain't in my position."

Ross also took issue with the length of Drake's DMs and said he needs to get on camera or the mic. "Ain't nothing wrong with talking shit but Drake, you gotta keep it at one line. That shit you doing gotta take 20 minutes. One line or don't DM me no more. ... I know why Drake don't do what I do when I talk and he don't talk, he'll take a picture and post 'cause he got ghostwriters for his fucking captions. He got, listen to me, he got the people sitting around, 'What's Rick gonna do next?! Let's go, let's go, come up with it!' Come on BBL Drizzy, just pick your phone up and talk to the people. You OK—we know you may be shallow, we know. But everything fine, everything's gonna be OK. It's therapeutic, it's therapeutic, release, release what's inside of you."

Anyone looking for more (and how could you not?) can check out Complex's Jordan Rose explaining the state of things in the video below, and read his pieces breaking down all the shots Drake took on "Push Ups (Drop & Give Me 50)," the cornucopia of subs aimed at Drizzy on Metro Boomin and Future's second album of the year, and what J. Cole should do now that he's apologized for dissing Kendrick Lamar and bowed out of the great hip-hop war of 2024.

Why is half the rap game dissing Drake?

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