Rick Ross Continues Campaign Against 'BBL Drizzy,' Calls Lil Yachty Drake’s 'Pen'

Earlier this week, Yachty's alleged reference track surfaced for a Drake song everyone already knew he co-wrote.

Two male artists performing, one gesturing forward, the other with arm raised in a victory pose
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Two male artists performing, one gesturing forward, the other with arm raised in a victory pose

Rick Ross is showing absolutely zero signs of slowing down the Drake dissery.

Tuesday, Rozay, fresh off the streaming rollout of his Drake-dissing "Champagne Moments," brought the 6 God’s friend and frequent collaborator Lil Yachty into his social media campaign of Drizzy mockery.

"Yacht put ya phone on silent lil bro," Rozay said in one of many IG Stories updates on Tuesday. "#BBLDRIZZY calling again. Yacht AKA the pen."

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This, of course, is a reference to the recent alleged leak of a Yachty reference track for Drake's Her Loss cut "Jumbotron Shit Poppin." We already got into this earlier this week, but let’s do it again, albeit in a more succinct fashion: It's no secret at all that Yachty had a hand in the song, not to mention several other Her Loss tracks. Yachty's been credited as a co-writer since the song's release in 2022, and he's publicly spoken about his collaborative work with the "Summer Games" sequel denier in the past.

Hilariously, I got called everything from a "glazer" to a "Super Slurper 3000" for simply pointing out these easily Googleable facts, but I digress. Thanks for the laughs.

Renzel has been relentless in recent days as the Drake vs. The World saga continues to build, all while fans continue to keep an eye out for an official diss track release from Drake himself. An alleged leak indeed saw Drake responding to Kendrick Lamar's "Like That," not to mention acknowledging the "20-v-1" aspect of his current situation. As of this writing, however, the track in question hadn't yet received an official streaming release.

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