Lil Yachty Says He Told Drake 'I Don’t Feel Like You Won or Lost' in Kendrick Lamar Beef

The 6 God's friend and frequent collaborator spoke at length about the historic beef, notably pointing out that Drake was “deemed a loser” before the battle started.

Drake and Lil Yachty smiling together; Drake is wearing a black cap and fur coat, while Lil Yachty is in an extravagant fur outfit and sunglasses
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Drake and Lil Yachty smiling together; Drake is wearing a black cap and fur coat, while Lil Yachty is in an extravagant fur outfit and sunglasses

Lil Yachty has offered a decidedly measured take on Drake and Kendrick Lamar's undeniably historic back-and-forth.

In a recently surfaced podcast clip seemingly taken from a not-yet-released episode of A Safe Place, Yachty, whose extensive collaborative history with the 6 God is well-documented, pointed out that Kendrick "clearly had a lot more animosity" throughout the beef.

"Because Drake dropped great records," Yachty said. "Also, let’s be fair, Drake was deemed a loser in this battle before it started. Because people don’t like him and haven’t and he’s won for a very long time and he’s sat at the top of the throne. Honestly and respectfully, I think he still sits at the top of the throne. I think that even if opinionated masses would say that Kendrick won, I don’t think that people are gonna stop listening to Drake."

While Yachty further noted that there are indeed “no rules” in a rap battle of this magnitude, he feels that this particular beef felt like the “most officiated beef” he’s seen. Still, he doesn’t believe his friend and frequent collaborator lost.

"I said to Drake, I told him, I don’t feel like you won or lost," he explained. "Rappers have lost, and then lost everything. … I don’t think that this has happened to Drake. I think that Drake will still be in everyone’s Spotify Wrapped at the end of the year, at the top. I think he can still drop hits and it will still control the summer. I think that Kendrick made very smart moves and I don’t think Drake would disagree."

Lil Yachty speaking on the Kendrick Lamar & Drake rap battle

"Drake was deemed a loser in this battle before it started, cause people don't like him and havent... I think he still sits on top of the throne... I told Drake I don't feel like you won or lost"

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— SOUND (@itsavibe) May 17, 2024

In another clip from the same unreleased (as of this writing, at least) discussion, Yachty gave his assessment of how both Drake and Kendrick were forced to take different angles when it came to their respective disses’ lyrical content. Both artists, he said, are "at the top of their game" and have been for some time. As for the specifics leveled back and forth, Yachty was also quick to point out that there’s "no proof" of either side’s claims.

"They didn’t have much on each either," he said. "So they found, one was pedophilia and then one was an abuser, a woman abuser. And they just both kind of poked at 'em. Extreme accusations, absolutely, which there’s no proof to either one. But it’s beef, right?"

Overall, Yachty added, this as "a really good battle," and represents something that will "never, ever, ever" be seen again. From Yachty’s perspective, however, the beef is over, with Kendrick’s "Not Like Us" (currently the No. 1 song in the country) standing as the "pivotal moment" from the back-and-forth.

"That song is the one that’ll live and I hope that one day in the near future these two guys can come laugh about it," he said. "When they’re old and gray and extremely dirt-rich, both billionaires, they can come and laugh about it and move forward."

Lil Yachty speaks on the allegations during the Drake vs Kendrick, artists tagging in, and Not Like Us ending it

"ped*philia... a woman abuser... theres no proof to either one... I wished it was only Drake & Kendrick... when Kendrick came like 'I hate this n*gga' everyone was…

— SOUND (@itsavibe) May 17, 2024

Yachty had time to react to a disgruntled fan who was calling him out for being "absolutely shameless" about loyalty.

you are absolutely shameless @lilyachty

“loyalty is priceless & that’s all i need” 🥴

— أ (@drizzyys) May 17, 2024
Twitter: @drizzyys

Lil Yachty, @lilyachty, also thinks that the song where someone calls his so called brother, a certified PEDOPHILE multiple times, is BANGING!!!!

— أ (@drizzyys) May 17, 2024
Twitter: @drizzyys

In tweets responding to the person, Yachty told them to stop trying to spin the narrative.

"u making shit what it’s not, everybody and they mama kno what side I’m on. U fans be over doin shit. I didn’t go into any specifics of the songs. Stop tryna spin narrative."

Lil Yachty accuses Drake of spin, Drake responds strongly, defending his actions and criticizing Yachty's support choices. The tweets include high engagement metrics

He continued, "Suck a dick nerd, it wasn’t my beef to speak in..fuck u want me to do? Jump on a feature? I said I felt like nobody won. The whole thing was stupid to begin with. When I support him I’m dick riding, when I dont say shit I switched up. This internet shit is so lame . Can’t win."

A Twitter exchange between Lil Yachty and Drake. Lil Yachty criticizes someone for their behavior, and Drake responds by calling out hypocrisy in Lil Yachty's statements
Lil Yachty tweets "nobody knows u" on May 17, 2024 at 8:38 AM, which has 186.7K views, 199 replies, 390 retweets, 2.8K likes, and 113 bookmarks

Last weekend, Drake, whose "The Heart Part 6" stands as the final entry in the Kendrick saga, teased that he was moving into a new frame of mind. Specifically, he told fans they could expect some presumably imminent "summer vibes."

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