Slim Thug Apologizes to Cassie After Diddy Assault Video Surfaces: 'I Can't Stand Behind This'

Thug initially claimed Cassie filed her lawsuit against Diddy for financial gain.

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Slim Thug has issued an apology to Cassie after a video of Diddy assaulting her in a hotel hallway surfaced.

On Friday, the Houston native hopped on his Instagram page and gave his thoughts on the new footage obtained by CNN that showed Diddy assaulting Cassie back in 2016. According to Thug, he acknowledged he was wrong and stated he couldn't stand by his actions in that video. He will continue to "ride" until he sees some "proof" regarding the allegations as he doesn't believe in the "blogs" or "civil suits." 

"Damn Diddy 🤦🏾‍♂️ I tried to ride with the Blk man who had no charges yet but I can't stand behind this 🤐 I'll take this L," Thug wrote. "But I still will ride with my ppl until I see some sort of proof I don't believe in blogs or civil suits Apologies to Cassie and whoever else was on the right side this time 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾."

Thug's apology comes months after he claimed Cassie filed her lawsuit accusing Diddy of rape and domestic abuse for financial gain. In his own words, Thug claimed victims should not wait years to make allegations public. 

"They're coming back and getting Bill Cosby, coming back and getting Puff — I don't believe in that, man," he said on Instagram. "When shit go down, speak on that shit right there or it should be null and void. You shouldn't be able to do shit unless you let the people know what happened immediately. There should be a time limit on that shit."

He added, "What happened was […], you were fucking with a billionaire with all this bread all this time, and then you went and followed your heart to fucking with a trainer. That apartment got small, that lifestyle fell off, now it's struggle time, the love wearing off and now you trying to come up with ways to figure out how to get paid […] Quit trying to expose people for money."

He returned with another video where he appeared to apologize to Cassie for not agreeing with her decision. "That was my personal opinion. I'm sorry we don't agree on everything…I don't hate Cassie, I didn't even know Cassie was Black," he said.

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