Woman Dancing Behind JoJo Siwa and Mario Lopez Goes Viral

The former children's music singer is in her self-proclaimed "bad girl era," going viral for a strange dance to accompany her new single "Karma."

JoJo Siwa in elaborate, bejeweled costume with dramatic makeup posing on a red carpet event
Jeff Kravitz / FilmMagic
JoJo Siwa in elaborate, bejeweled costume with dramatic makeup posing on a red carpet event

The choreography for JoJo Siwa’s new single had one fan stealing the show.

Last month, the 20-year-old Dance Moms alum ushered in a new era with her newest single, “Karma.” The track and its accompanying music video are part of Siwa’s rebrand from former children’s music star to pop provocateur.

“Honestly, I wanted to make art that made people go ‘What?’ similar to Miley CyrusBangerz [and] Britney Spears’ ‘[I'm A] Slave 4 U,’” Siwa told iHeartRadio on the red carpet for their award show in April. “That, for me, was very important that I brought back 'crazy.'”

The choreography for the song, created by Lady Gaga’s creative director, Richy Jackson, went viral late last month. One move in particular shows Siwa hammering down a clenched fist and aggressively stomping her foot. A compilation of Siwa performing the move went viral on X with over 38 million views.

i’m so fascinated by this hideous dance move jojo siwa keeps doing that i had to make a montage of it pic.twitter.com/ag2qKVL2nD

— ♡🦇 (@sadhotgirI) April 28, 2024
Twitter: @sadhotgirI

During a recent appearance on Access Daily with Mario & Kit, Siwa, clad in construction worker attire, taught the move to host Mario Lopez, 50, in New York City.

While the Saved By the Bell alum aced the moves after a brief lesson, an audience member standing behind the barricade was seen keeping up with Siwa and Lopez from a distance. The blink-and-you-miss-it moment inspired comments from social media users.

Katia Jaimes comments on a post with: "the lady in the back dancing with them and also being the only one to clap after is sending me ?????"
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JoJo Siwa’s “Karma” has so far racked up 37 million views on YouTube. Siwa told Billboard’s Tetris Kelly in April that more music is on the way, including a rap song titled “The Lies Sound Better.”

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