Method Man Responds to 50 Cent Posting Old Video of Him Supposedly Making Diddy Allegations

Method Man doesn't want any parts of 50 Cent's beef with Diddy.

Method Man wants out of the 50 Cent-Diddy rivalry.

On Thursday, the Power universe executive producer posted yet another slight against Diddy on Instagram, this time featuring a throwback clip of Method Man. The video shows Meth in a parking lot expressing his "hate" for Kanye West, saying that he saw West performing fellatio in a bathroom at one of Diddy's infamous parties.

"This has not been confirmed, but ya see why I stayed away from the man’s party’s," Fifty captioned the post.

Method Man quickly hopped on the social media platform to clarify that the video was edited.

"This video fake 5.. you and Diddy keep me out of this shit 😂😂😂," the Wu-Tang Clan member commented. He added, "The real vid is on YouTube .. (method man bossip).. do your research .. yall fallin for the remix."

Sure enough, the full video, posted in 2011, is available on YouTube, where Method Man talks about his dislike for some hip-hop blogs and gossip columnists of the time. It appears that the rapper's aforementioned comment about West—said at the one-minute mark—was rhetorical, and he just said it as an example of what bloggers run with.

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Fif was possibly collecting archival footage that he plans to use in his upcoming documentary about the many allegations against Diddy, and he plans to donate proceeds from the project to victims of sexual assault. The former Revolt owner is facing multiple lawsuits with allegations of sexual assault, all filed in the weeks since his ex-girlfriend, Casandra "Cassie" Ventura, accused Diddy of rape, grooming, sexual abuse, and battery in a lawsuit that was later dropped.

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