Every Rapper Potentially Feuding With Drake Right Now

Drake has had smoke for several rappers in the past, and now it seems like even more are ready to go to war with him.

Cole Burston / Getty Images

Drake has never been afraid to take subliminal shots at other rappers, on songs or in Instagram captions. Since the release of Metro Boomin and Future’s We Don’t Trust You, it appears that feeling is mutual.

In the days that have followed Future and Metro dropping their chart-topping album—which included a possible sub from Future on the title track and a fiery diss verse from Kendrick Lamar on “Like That”—it’s become clear that they might not be the only rappers potentially feuding with The Boy. 

In addition to Future, Kendrick, and Metro, longtime collaborator Rick Ross and now possibly Nav are also on a list of other rappers that Drake is potentially on bad terms with. Not to mention Ye and Pusha T, who still catch subs in his music to this day. 

Drake hasn’t directly responded to any of the We Don’t Trust You shots through music yet, but he has made several cryptic Instagram posts with captions that imply he wants all the smoke. Given the laundry list of artists that Drake might be ready to war with, here are all the rappers that he is potentially feuding with right now.


Kendrick Lamar

Metro Boomin

Rick Ross

ASAP Rocky

The Weeknd

Pusha T



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