Drake Calls Out 'Tweet-and-Deleters': 'You Guys Make Me Sick to My Stomach'

Some fans believe Drizzy is alluding to Metro Boomin, who recently tweeted about 'Her Loss' winning more award show accolades over 'Heroes & Villains.'

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Drake has a message for the haters.

The OVO head issued the directive in a clip from his latest live-stream on Kick.

“And to the rest of you,” he began, “The non-believers, the underachievers, the tweet-and-deleters, you guys make me sick to my stomach, fam.”

“Honestly,” he added, before standing up and looking directly into the camera. “Look in my eyes. You guys wanna do something?” He then sat back down, saying, “That’s what I thought,” as he drank his cocktail.

Drake with a message via Kick

“And to the rest of you… the non-believers, the underachievers, the tweet-and-deleters, you make me sick to my stomach fam” 😭pic.twitter.com/JiA5Yc1qdF

— NFR Podcast (@nfr_podcast) December 18, 2023
Twitter: @nfr_podcast

Drizzy didn’t mention anyone by name, so it’s unclear who he’s addressing here. Some fans think it might be Metro Boomin, who recently commented on Her Loss’ award show accolades, in comparison to Heroes & Villains.

Earlier this month, Metro took to X, writing, "Yet Her Loss still keeps winning rap album of the year over H&V. proof that award shows are just politics and not for me. Idc about awards honestly, the true award and reward is knowing that the music I spend so much time on brings joy to people's everyday lives."

Metro’s tweet was in response to Heroes & Villains garnering more streams than Her Loss. Both albums have been nominated for Best Rap Album at the next Grammy Awards—and Metro has also been nominated for Producer of the Year. Drake and 21 Savage have earned additional nominations for Best Melodic Rap Performance, Best Rap Performance, and Best Rap Song.

Though Drake doesn’t appear on Heroes & Villains, Metro does have a credit as a producer on the Her Loss cut “More M’s.” Before that, the two artists hadn’t worked together since “Jumpan” on Drake and Future’s 2015 joint project What a Time to Be Alive.

Metro later removed the tweet, hence Drake’s “tweet-and-deleters” comment. Drake also seemingly caught wind of the St. Louis producer’s tweet and clapped back on his Instagram Story with lyrics from Jay-Z’s “Heart of the City (Ain’t No Love)”: “Damn, little mans, I’m just tryin’ to do me / If the record’s two mil, I’m just tryin’ to move three.” 

As of this time of writing, Drake doesn’t follow Metro on IG, though Metro does follow Drake.

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