McDonald's Gives Yung Miami Iced Out French Fry Chain

Yung Miami's followers are well aware of her eating habits.

Yung Miami of City Girls performs onstage

Image via Getty/Michael Kovac/BET

Yung Miami of City Girls performs onstage

McDonald's has decided to thank Yung Miami for her constant support by adding to the rapper's jewelry collection. 

Caresha took to Instagram where she shared a McDonald's small fry necklace that was personalized with various precious stones. While the artists at Quality Control are known for their gaudy jewelry, Yung Miami didn't drop her own bread on this piece. The chain was given to her by the McDonald's Corporation for being one of the company's unofficial spokespersons.

"Lol, Thank you Mc Donald’s for my small fry chain. I love it just as much as I love my 6 piece nuggets with my sweet & sour sauce," Caresha captioned the video of the chain. "Now can I get a commercial?"

Yung Miami says McDonald's>Chic-Fil-A 👀

— KING 👑 (@Splashystackss) February 22, 2019

Yung Miami's followers are well aware of her eating habits, as she's voiced her love for the fast food chain on multiple occasions. This has generated backlash from people that want her to eat healthier. But to her, McDonald's will always reign supreme.

This adds to the blessings that have been bestowed on the City Girls. After spending over a year in prison, JT was released on Tuesday. She commemorated her homecoming by adding to the tradition of "First Day Out" freestyles. Now, as Yung Miami prepares to give birth, JT is in position to hit the ground running and carry the flag for the City Girls. 

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