Megan Thee Stallion Explains Why "WAP" Genuinely 'Freaks Men the Hell Out'

In a new interview with 'GQ,' the Houston rapper explained why people feel threatened by women like herself, who are owning their bodies and seeking pleasure.

megan thee stallion gq

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megan thee stallion gq

Between her remix with Beyoncé, her hit song with Cardi B, and her debut album Good News, there is no rising star who had a bigger year than Megan Thee Stallion

But for some, Megan’s hot girl image, knees of steel, and explicit lyricism became a battle cry for misogyny, from conservatives to old hip hop icons alike. On its way to becoming the biggest hit of the year, Megan and Cardi’s ode to female pleasure “WAP” sent many clutching their pearls.

In a new interview with GQ, the Houston rapper explains why people feel threatened by women like herself, who are owning their bodies and unabashedly seeking pleasure. 

“Some people just don’t know what to do when a woman is in control and taking ownership of her own body,” Meg told the magazine. “I feel like for a long time men felt like they owned sex and now women are saying, 'Hey, this is for me. I want pleasure. This is how I want it or don’t want it,' it freaks men the hell out. It just comes from a place of fear and insecurity, like why would anyone be mad about my WAP? It belongs to me.” 

Despite the haters, this Houston hottie overcame the many challengescof 2020 and earned four Grammy nominations

“I have had such a crazy year, I don’t think it’s even fully sunk in yet. Every single moment has been so important and special to me,” Megan told GQ. “I’d say the biggest surprise was getting four Grammy nominations...I really had no idea it was coming. It’s like, damn, your girl is Grammy-nominated, not once but four times! It really caught me off guard and I’m so grateful for the recognition.”

Cardi B also recently addressed the backlash against “WAP” while accepting her award for Billboard’s Woman of the Year. 

“I'm just grateful and thankful that the song that I actually did put out this year, which was 'WAP,' featuring Megan Thee Stallion, not only was it an amazing song that broke so many records, but it was a conversation that I never thought was going to be so big,” she said. “It pissed off a whole bunch of Republicans for no reason. It was just weird."

Read Megan Thee Stallion’s full interview with GQ here.

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