Album: N/A
Producer: Zaytoven
Label: Migos Music

No disrespect to his stellar 2015, but has the Drake buzz ever been hotter than the summer of '13? When news broke that he'd laid a verse to a bubbling banger for an up-and-coming trio by the name of Migos, anticipation hit a fever pitch. It's hard to remember in these days of damn near over-saturation, but the Boy had been largely radio silent at the time. So quiet we were like, wtf is he planning? Then it dropped, and he glided over a beat so far out of his wheelhouse so effortlessly, he didn't need his own single to take the summer. 2013 was the year dedicated to proving Drake as the foremost new class graduate headed to hall-of-fame status. We should've known we were in for a great album after he took the victory lap in advance. —Frazier Tharpe