Album: From Where???

Back in ‘96, Virginia wasn’t known as a hotbed for hip-hop, so an MC like (Mad) Skillz felt like a rarity, but once you heard those punchlines on his breakout single “The Nod Factor,” it was all good. At the time, Mad Skillz was an Unsigned Hype winner who had a buzz off of a freestyle alongside Q-Tip on the Stretch Armstrong and Bobito Show​. Over some hypnotic Beatnuts production, Skillz comes with rhymes that had heads from coast to coast cracking up while this blasted from their headphones. While some of the lines didn’t last the test of time (you have to wonder what Obama would say to “I'm like a black president (why?) cause nIggas ain't seeing me”), it also showed that the tri-state area wasn’t the only region breeding cats with bars. —khal