Album: Tried By 12

East Flatbush Project is an interesting story; coming from the brainchild of Brooklyn-based producer Spencer Bellamy, the project has one album and a handful of singles to its credit since 1994, each with different Brooklyn-based MCs. "Tried By 12" featured De$ who, while not the most lyrical rapper out there, ultimately held his own on what should be seen as the epitome of backpack underground rap. That cracking Al Green drum sample paired with that perfect string loop from Odetta’s “Sakura” turned into a staple of basement ciphers the world over... so much so that it was not only licensed for international re-released by the legendary Coldcut's Ninja Tune imprint, but it became the instrumental that the Shady Records crew murdered 15 years later during their BET Hip-Hop Awards cipher. It’ll be hard to find people who know the track after the first verse, but that instrumental? Timeless. —khal