Label: Cash Money
Released: March 11

First came We Are Young Money in 2009, the YMCMB compilation that put the spotlight on Drake and Nicki, who would go on to become two of the hottest rappers in the game. Then came Rich Gang, which had just one major song: "Tapout," a.k.a. "Million Dollar Pussy." So when YMCMB announced yet another compilation album this year, its success was far from certain. (Drake and Nicki don't need YMCMB, but YMCMB sure as hell needs them.) So, what works? Intro posse cut "We Alright" bangs, as does "Trophies" and "Lookin Ass." Add strong YG and Meek Mill features, plus a tremendous effort from Wayne on "Moment," and you've got an unlikely success. —Lauren Nostro