50 Cent Points Finger at 'Fool' Ja Rule After Knicks' Devastating Loss to Pacers

The loss was a particularly tough one for Knicks fans, with the Game 7 outcome eliminating the team from the playoffs.

On the left, 50 Cent performs on stage in a casual outfit. On the right, Ja Rule poses on the red carpet in a denim jacket and sunglasses
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On the left, 50 Cent performs on stage in a casual outfit. On the right, Ja Rule poses on the red carpet in a denim jacket and sunglasses

There are but a few certainties in this life, one of them being, of course, that we can always rely on the very public continuation of 50 Cent and Ja Rule’s decades-strong feud.

The latest entry in this presumably never-ending saga centers around the New York Knicks’ loss against the Indiana Pacers on Sunday. As NBA heads are well aware, the loss means the Knicks are out of the playoffs, thus bringing the team’s season to a surprising close. Naturally, 50 quickly placed the blame on Ja, again using a photo of the "Mama" artist holding a trophy while rocking a Knicks shirt.

"If you’re wondering why the Knicks couldn’t get the W, here you have it," 50 said on Sunday. "SMH who let this fool touch the trophy."

50cent tweeted an image of Ja Rule kissing a large trophy with the caption questioning the Knicks' inability to win, followed by emojis and a laughing reaction

Those up on issues of the 50 and Ja by-way-of-the-Knicks variety should be quick to note that this isn't the first time the two have landed in headlines together in connection with NBA-related developments. Earlier this month, 50 urged the general public to not "bet on the Knicks to win" due to Ja having "put his juju all on the team." Instead, 50 said at the time, he was putting his money on the Minnesota Timberwolves.

Ja later responded, using the opportunity to direct his followers to the aforementioned "Mama" track with Sada James.

50 Cent tweeting about not betting on the Knicks, implying that Pharrell put a curse on the team. Pharrell holds a trophy with a comical overlay image of another person
Ja Rule's tweet reacting to 50 Cent's video. Ja Rule criticizes 50 Cent's opinion on the Knicks vs. Wolves game. 50 Cent is wearing a Knicks jacket

50 recently celebrated his Final Lap Tour crossing the $100 million mark, pointing to the feat as one that’s also in reach for other artists in the future. Per Billboard, the 2023 tour in question stacked up just under $104 million during its run, with its two nights at London’s O2 arena standing as the highest-grossing location for the global run.

As for this weekend's devastating Knicks loss, Jalen Brunson, who suffered a hand injury in Game 7, said after the game that he had "love" for this team, especially when it comes to how they "fought night in and night out" throughout the season.

"I love this group of guys that we have," Brunson, who also praised the team for not making excuses at any point this year, said. "Our mindset as a group was strong. Some nights when we may have not had what people thought was a team capable of winning, our mindset pushed us over that hump. Definitely proud of what we were able to do this year."

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