Date: October 8

Just when we were starting to lose all faith in Nipsey Hussle, thinking that the major label machine had ruined another talented artist's career, he managed to become one of the most talked about rappers this week.

Nipsey dropped his Crenshaw mixtape and sold it on his website, and at a pop-up shop in L.A., for $100. That's right, ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS. The mixtape—which was also available for free on DatPiff—had only 1,000 physical copies pressed up, all signed by Nipsey and individually numbered, and the ones sold at the pop-up shop also came with tickets to an upcoming secret concert. The release was so well received that even Jay Z went so far as to buy 100 copies of the CD himself. Jay's purchase means Nipsey netted $10,000 from the Brooklyn rapper alone. Reportedly, all 1,000 copies sold out within 24 hours at the pop-up shop, which means he earned a cool $100,000.

After cheering his deal with Epic Records a few years back, but then seeing his career get mired in the mud of the music industry, we're happy for Nipsey! (Even if he's pissed at us.) He was always a talented artist and we're glad he found a way to cut out the middle man and win on his own terms. Here's to hoping more artists do the same in the future. — Insanul Ahmed 

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