Another week has passed. And during this one, the government stopped. 

But you know what didn't stop? Miley Cyrus! Hahaha. Get it?! She has a song called "We Can't Stop." Also: seriously, she didn't stop. In fact, she hosted Saturday Night Live last night and performed as the musical guest, too. She was really good!

Hip-hop also didn't stop this week. Everyone knows that hip-hop doesn't stop. Hip-hop never, ever, ever stops. It's like the Energizer Bunny. Or the eternal flame at JFK's grave at the Arlington National Cemetery. It keeps going on and on til the breaka breaka dawn. Hip-hop marched on like time. And thank god for that. Imagine what would happened if hip-hop shut-down everytime the folks in charge couldn't agree about something. (Say, if some of the folks in charge wanted to give more people health care, and passed a law to make that happen, but then if some of the other folks in charge were like, "No! We don't like that law! We're going to stop any more hip-hop from happening.") That would suck.

Danny Brown's new album hit Spotify. Trinidad Jame$ hit Tim Westwood's studio. And Kendrick hit Drake. All this and more in What The Hell Just Happened in Music This week?   

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