Another week has passed! (This one felt like a month-and-a-half long, didn't it?) We're all seven days closer to death! And so we have another week's worth of music news to round-up and analyze and distill and makes dumb jokes about.

It's funny how fame is in the 21st century. With all our modes of constant communication and information dissemination. All our words and images flying around and being shared and talked about and made such fuss over, even when they're not really such a worthy cause for such great fuss, just because we've become so used to living in a constant state of OUTRAGE and CONTROVERSY and "OH-MY-GOD-DID-YOU-HEAR-WHAT-THIS-PERSON-SAID-AND-THEN-WHAT-THIS-OTHER-PERSON-SAID-ABOUT-IT-AND-THEN-WHAT-THIS-OTHER-OTHER-OTHER-PERSON-SAID-ABOUT-IT-AND-WHAT-DO-YOU-THINK???-TELL-US-IN-THE-COMMENTS!!!" And we've grown to sort of like it, even as we know it's probably making us sick. Like Doritos, I guess. When you're as famous as someone like Kanye West, for example, pretty much everything you do makes major waves in your field of operation. And sometimes the waves get so big that they spill out over the borders of your field into the consciousness of the general population. And then you have late-night talk-show hosts making jokes about you. That must suck. But also: it comes with the territory. And I think most people who get as famous as Kanye West is have, somewhere along the way at least, signed up for it.

All this rambling is to say that, yes, Kanye West dominated the news cycle this past week. As he has been known to do before. But, some other things happened, too. Drake released a new album, and did an interview in front of an audience, and released a very-high-production-value video. A$AP Rocky released a new video, too. DMX appeared on "The Dr. Phil Show." (As much as we wished he had not.) All this and more in What The Hell Just Happened In Music This Week?   

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