Yeez Louise! What a crazy week in hip-hop!

With Drake's Nothing Was The Same around the corner and Eminem back in the game, a lot has been happening. Em's new video for "Berzerk" went Back to the Future to pay homage to '80s hip-hop, with some super set design and apperances from likes of Rick Rubin, Kendrick Lamar, Slaughterhouse and Kid Rock. Speaking of homage, a new Drake song leaked called “Wu-Tang Forever," in honor of the legendary NYC rap nonet.

Late Night With Jimmy Fallon continued to prove itself one of the most important musical venues in existance, as two of the world's biggest rap stars graved its stage. Kanye West's live performance of "Bound 2" with Charlie Wilson on Tuesday was impeccable. While on Friday, Drake debuted another new song, "Too Much,” featuring the British crooner Sampha.

Miley Cyrus released the video for her second single “Wrecking Ball." Shot by famous pervmeister Terry Richardson, it featured a tool-shed's worth of suggestive wierdness. Not at all directly relatedly, people were still trying to figure out the mystery of RiFF RAFF.

You might have heard the name Gucci Mane mentioned recently. He had what might be described as an interesting past seven days. And of course, Hot 97's Mister Cee found himself in an unwanted spotlight again. All that and more in What The Hell Just Happened in Music This Week?

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