Drake's new song is called "Wu-Tang Forever," and it samples "It's Yourz," from Wu-Tang Clan's 1997 album Wu-Tang Forever, and it sort of seems like Drake is saying, "I'm the new Wu-Tang!" which is kind of ridiculous and great like Drake is all the time now.

But what's that other sample, that sad, ghostly piano figure? Why, that's from a song called "Loss config.," which was made last year by another Torontoian producer, Jeremy "Zodiac" Rose, who used to make beats for the WeekndNoah "40" Shebib is credited as the producer of the new Drake song. While poor Zodiac is not. Maybe he should have been credited in the title?

Update: The language of this post originally insinuated something like "stealing" on the part of Noah "40" Shebib. That was totally unfair. Yes: 40 is credited as producer. He produced it. He sampled a previously recorded record like hip-hop producers often do. I was being cheeky, but the "poor Zodiac" line was meant like: "This guy, who has a history of not being so fully credited, perhaps, as he ought to have been... why couldn't he get some credit here, like Wu-Tang does, in the title of the song." But my cheeky language indicated otherwise. Consider the strike-through deleted. I happen to think Noah "40" Shebib is a brilliant and very original producer. My apologies. — Dave  

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