Producer: Zaytoven
Album: Young Rich Niggas

In psychology, there's a phenomenon called "semantic satiation," or the act of repeating a word until it loses meaning. "Versace" is the opposite of that—the song gives the word new meaning the longer it goes on. Migos basically invented a whole alien language where all the words are "Versace," except some of them end with a question mark. The planet it's spoken on must be the most turnt-up place in the universe. Lyrically, there's nothing more fun than saying "Versace" over and over again, except for then saying "Versace" over and over again some more. Combine that with a monster Zaytoven beat, and this song was already poised to be a sleeper summer smash.

Then Drake showed up to claim his throne. Seriously, for all of Drake's recent boasts—and there have been many good ones—his status at the top of the game was most clearly laid out in this scene-stealing, hit-solidifying guest verse, in which he laid out his game plan for the rest of the year. But it's not just the direct statement that he's at the top that proves his point, nor is it the (true) assertion that he's "got the world like 'what the fuck is he planning.'"

Rather, it's his way of drawing the line between rap's haves and its have-nots, with the businesslike claim that "Niggas be wanting a verse for a verse but man that's not a swap to me" and the perfect Drake line that is, "This is a gated community please get the fuck off the property." Of course, this was one of the songs of the summer, the song everyone else had to make a freestyle over. Who wouldn't want to live where the king does? —Kyle Kramer