Two former Hannah Montana fans critique Miley Cyrus’ Performance at the 2013 VMAs.

Written by Amanda Kenner (Age 13) and Isabel Kenner (Age 12)

Remember Hannah Montana? The teenager who had a double identity so that she could live a normal life and get the best of both worlds? She had fashion lines, cheap glitter perfumes, hit songs and movies. Not to mention the masses of young fans that saw her as a role model. And whether Miley wants to acknowledge it or not, those little girls didn’t go away.

It’s understandable that she wants to distance herself from her Disney-filled past as she grows older, but this is a bit extreme. She was headed down-hill with her music video for “We Can’t Stop,” but after her performance for the MTV Video Music Awards, she’s going down-cliff. First of all, she was wearing a leotard with her butt hanging out. That alone inspired a Twitter hashtag that was trending for two whole days. Not only her butt, but her tongue was all over the place. If she was planning on sticking it out all the time, she should have used an Orabrush.


If she was planning on sticking her tongue out all the time, she should have used an Orabrush.


Furthermore, Miley was twerking left right and center, whenever she got the chance. The crowd was shocked and appalled not to mention uncomfortable. Her backup dancers were a posse of creepy bears and ladies with voluminous bottoms to say the least. Her revolting charade continued for a couple minutes longer. A couple minutes too long.

Then to top it all off, Robin Thicke showed up. Miley ripped off her leotard and the obnoxious bear was replaced by a nude bikini. She proceeded to prance around the stage half naked with a foam finger, dancing/twerking with Robin. Real cute. Not that Miley had to stay in Hannah mode forever—but what ever happened to "The Climb" and "Party in the USA"? This performance was beyond gross.

It’s sad that she feels the need to act like that to gain attention and acceptance, or to “make a statement.” I bet Billy Ray Cyrus is proud. So much for the sweet father-daughter bond on the old TV show. She was the cowboy-boot wearing, rhinestone-covered, purple-guitar playing, double-life-living, blond-wigged girl. Not anymore. Hannah Montana, rest in peace.

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