Album: My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

When people think about "Monster," they think about Nicki Minaj's verse. As well they should, it was a career making moment for her. But that shouldn't overshadow Kanye's wordplay and delivery during his verse. Kanye isn't saying anything that meaningful on the track, it's mostly just him stunting on how awesome he is ("Do the rap and the track, triple double no assists"). The verse is more of a technical achievement than a lyrical one as he weaves through his rhymes, putting extra emphasis on the "ooos" in "pharaoh" and "boo" in "Malibooyah" without ever stepping out of pocket or running out of breath—a feat a younger Kanye surely couldn't have pulled off. Technically adept and hilarious ("Head of the class and she just want a swallowship"), it's a virtuoso performance, even if he was just goofing off. Insanul Ahmed