Age: 20
Label: N/A
From: Chicago
Active Since: 2012
Latest Release: Acid Rap
Recent Single: "Juice"
Chancelor “Chance The Rapper” Bennet has popped onto the national radar over the last month, thanks to his critically acclaimed Acid Rap mixtape. But his inclusion on this list is less the result of the hype than it is the tremendous growth he's shown.

Though it came and went largely undetected last year, 10 Day, Chance’s previous tape, was a solid effort of its own. But Chance took his rawer, more emotive early material and polished it until it shines like the vivid writing that marks “Acid Rain,” a wistful, stream-of-consciousness exploration of the difference between grown-up life and childhood. “My weed seedless,” Chance says, “My trees leafless/I miss my diagonal grilled cheeses.”

Only 20 years old, Chance is really still just a kid. But one who can make you catch your breath at the cleverness of a couplet, craft catchy hooks, and rock one of the best live sets in the game. Someone who projects himself through his music as a person who is genuinely excited about where his talent has taken him thus far. And where it’s sure to lead him next. —Dharmic X

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