Release Date: Summer 2013
Label: TBA

Over the last few years, you may have come to know Theophilus London as more than a musician, but don't dismiss the Trinidadian-born Brooklynite as just another fashionable scenester. Tracks like "Humdrum Town," "Why Even Try," and "Crazy Cousins" have already proven his capability and given a glimpse into a musically unique style that doesn't exist outside of Theophilus London. He's like a combination of current, retro, and classic, and he's able to dabble with new wave, electronic, and pop music like few other rappers. With genre-bending at an all-time high, Theophilus is in the perfect position to pull off something big. Oh and also, he's made some friends over the past few years. After describing his upcoming album as "emotional club music," London revealed that Drake, Kanye, Travis Scott, Brodinksi, and Dev Hynes are all featured.