Ty Dolla $ign: “Coming up, I'm working on a new tape already. Whoop! 2. That’s me and Joe Moses. Before Beach House I also put out another tape called Whoop! and that was our collab tape, like rapping and singing. This is gonna be the sequel to that. That’s more geared toward the ratchet shit, the uptempo dance club shit. Every time we put something out, it ends up playing on the radio. The single off [Whoop!] was ‘The Weekend.’ That shit's popping right now so everybody is fucking with it.

I’m trying to decide the name of my second mixtape for my solo shit. It might be Beach House 2 or it could be House On The Hill 2 or it could be a new name. I may think about putting out...I think the album is gonna be called Free TC, and I’m definitely gonna have another tape called $ign Language at some point. Like, Dolla $ign Language. [Laughs.]

“I have hella shit that’s yet to release. I have some songs that I was gonna put out on Beach House that [Atlantic] wanted to keep because they think they’re singles. I got a whole bunch of singles in the cannon, I’m just ready to fire them. That’s definitely what I’m trying to do with Atlantic too, like the Flo Rida effect. Not as far as making the house, poppy music, but as far as putting out hella dope ass singles.

“I have some [dance music] that I produced for this girl named Tulisa. She's from London. She’s like the biggest girl star out there right now. She used to be in this group called N-Dubz. She’s popping, and I got some shit with her. I got a couple placements coming out on her album, so that’s pretty dope.

“There’s this song called ‘Fumble’ by Trey Songz that I’m a writer on. Me and my homegirl Lady G wrote that, Bobby Brackins and shit. That shit's popping. It’s on his album Chapter V, and it’s supposed to be a single. I don’t know when they’re going to drop it but that shit's pretty crazy. It was gonna be a song for Beach House but I just gave it to him and that’s probably another reason why I got Atlantic loving me.

“I do live performances all the time. More so just the club shit with the DJ and me coming out and getting the shit turnt up. I’m gonna do a tour soon. I’m gonna go on the Dom Kennedy tour. I’m probably gonna do the same thing with me and a DJ. But after that, when I get back, I planning on doing my own tour and I’ll come with a band and the whole swag. It’s gonna be stupid.

“I’m in Atlanta right now and people out here be coming up to me like, ‘Are you Ty Dolla $ign?’ I’m like, 'Yeah,' and that shit is fucking crazy, bro. The Internet is something else. [Laughs.] Yeah, they all say ‘My Cabana.’ They say, ‘I got the new tape. I got Beach House,' and I’m like damn, I didn’t think people be fucking...my publicist was like, ‘You should be going in, bro.’ [Laughs.]”