With another COVID-19 wave around the corner, it wouldn’t hurt to learn a new hobby. Baking bread is a bit played out, but how about learning how to upcycle? Just ask Natalya Amres—the Toronto-based designer has made a name for herself by crafting incredibly dope outfits and accessories out of unlikely materials, like volleyballs and sneakers. Her intricate, sustainable designs have caught the attention of tastemakers around the world, including the Migos, who recruited her to craft some reconstructed Kappa tracksuits for their tour with Drake a few years ago.

In the latest episode of Check the Technique, Amres shows us how to take an everyday lamp and give it some personality with a customized Complex Canada basketball lampshade. Using materials lying around at home—like a lightbulb, scissors, a paintbrush, and of course, a basketball—you, too, can be an upcycling superstar. Watch Natalya’s step-by-step guide above.