The Complex Staff Shares Their Style Resolutions for 2016

Here's a few things the team is trying to leave in 2015.

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As we assembled year end list after list, sitting through meetings debating Bieber versus Kanye for most stylish man this year, coming up with plenty of reasons why DS2 will never make the best album art list, and reporting the trends that will make it into 2016, we realized that, despite everyone having their own dedicated sense of style, there might be a few improvements changes we could make ourselves.

We're not quite on a "new year, new us" wave, but there are a few things some of us are choosing to leave in 2015. Here are the Style Resolutions from the Complex team for 2016


John Marcelo

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Associate Social Editor


My go-to outfit is simple: black jeans, a black t-shirt, and a black hoodie. In 2015, I wanted to stick with a uniform, but always found myself hesitant to follow through and instead used days in between to add more colors and pieces to my rotation. Next year, I plan on streamlining my wardrobe completely and fully embracing an all-black uniform—with one exception: sneakers. My sneakers offer a contrast that ranges from neutrals like all-white and tan, to common colorways familiar to any initiated sneaker enthusiast like "Bred" and "Multicolor." That means a quick morning routine in which the only big decision I have to make is what sneakers I want to wear.


Emily Oberg

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Editorial Producer


I'm going to stop buying sneakers I won't wear. I buy new sneakers pretty often, but there are only a few models that I actually wear. This year I want to stop buying so many unnecessary pairs and stick to what I know I like!


Gregory Babcock

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Staff Writer

@GOBabcock  Instagram: @GOBabcock

I'm going to visit more stores in-person. As online shopping becomes the de facto way to score fire jawnz™ from around the globe, it's simultaneously taken much of the personality out of shopping.

Sure, browsing online allows easy access, plenty of variety, and a shopping experience that, ironically, doesn't require the wearing of clothing. But sadly, this also removes the physical, tactile contact that comes with walking into a brick and mortar and feeling the product firsthand. Considering that most major cities have at least one or two must-see shops, in 2016, instead of copping online, I'll be hitting as many stores as I can IRL.


Mitsu Tsuchiya

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Market Editor

@mitsu_tsuchiya  Twitter: @mitsu_tsuchiya 

In 2016, I want to keep working on my 2015 goal, which was to buy less things, but better quality. I also want to focus on buying things that go with what I already own in my closet.


Steve Dool

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Deputy Editor of Style

Instagram: @mrdool Twitter: @mrdool

I'm going to dress for the Snapchat followers I want, and not the Snapchat followers I have.


Joe La Puma

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Director of Content Strategy


I am going to keep wearing the best basic items (hoodies, tees, etc.) available. To me, John Elliott, and Ronnie (Kith) are making the best products in the space.


Matthew Henson

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Fashion Editor


My New Years style resolution is to try to wear more color. I have a lot of clothes, but I've been wearing all black for so long that I can get stuck in a cycle of only wearing my dark colored clothes. Color can be fun, and I can be fun, too, sometimes. TBH, I'll probably end up wearing mostly black, but the thought is nice. 


Karizza Sanchez

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Associate Editor

Twitter: @karizzasanchez Instagram: @karizzasanchez

I decided early on this year what my style would be: all-black, very minimal, and comfortable (but no sweats). It's unlikely I'll change any of that in 2016, but I do want to try to incorporate pieces, that I probably would have never worn before (what's good, pleated pants?), into my wardrobe—but still in black, because duh. Besides that, my New Years style resolution is to keep buying quality over quantity. With the exception of basics, I prefer to spend the money on an expensive item of clothing I know I'll have for years, will wear often, and won't fall apart after one wash.


Matt Welty

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Sneaker News Editor


It feels like every "Cool Guy" in New York wears the same thing: topcoats, skinny, ripped black jeans, and a pair of all-white sneakers or Chelsea boots. That’s exactly the opposite of what I want to do in 2016. I’m not out to be different, but I want to dress in a way that represents who I – a guy who loves sneakers, going to a soccer match, and drinking a few beers – am as a person. That means more polo shirts, more track pants, more sneakers, and more parkas. It’s more about dressing in a way that makes me happy everyday ra​ther than reacting to how people expect you to dress if you work at a magazine in New York. I need to find a new bucket hat, too.


Erica Euse

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Freelance Style News Writer


My style resolution is to limit the cozy. Being a freelancer means I can spend the entire day in sweatpants and an oversized T-shirt. Unfortunately, the cozy lifestyle has taken over my entire wardrobe. This year I need to stop wearing pants with drawstrings and dress like an actual adult.


Skylar Bergl

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Style News Editor


I am going to put together a more cohesive wardrobe. When the end of the year comes around, it's easy to look into your closet and realize how much stuff you own that A. you don't wear enough and B. doesn't fit alongside the rest of it. So my resolution is to try to put together a wardrobe that is cohesive enough to work with itself. There are a lot of ways to do this. It can mean buying a few more staple pieces like a rotation of sweaters, basic oxford shirts and actually owning blue jeans, but it also means finding the right investment or statement pieces that fold in with those basics. It's easy to get caught up in the hype cycle or impulse buy, and that's what I'm trying to work on. I don't want to look at something I bought six months ago and say "I'm over it, time to sell." This will require a lot of restraint when it comes to buying big name designer pieces, but it will make my self control and my bank account much better in the long run.


Rae Witte

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Managing Editor of Style and Sneakers


I have a few things I could definitely afford to do better. I need to sell/donate/trash a lot of things I don't wear. My very rare, large Brooklyn closet has done nothing but enabled me to keep everything from the last year except for socks, which I lost at an alarming rate. So, I need to get rid of stuff, lose less socks, and commit to taking more selfies. That's the only way people can see really important stuff I have left in my closet, more selfies. Right?


Jon Moy

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Former Four Pins Freelance Writer


I’m normally not a New Year’s Resolution kind of person. It’s not because I think they’re a bad idea. Or that self-improvement isn’t a worthwhile pursuit. It’s just that I’m way too lazy to even come up with a resolution, let alone keep one for more than the five minutes after making it. Also I lack the introspection and self-awareness required to come up with a good resolution.

Actually my New Year’s Resolution is to change the Four Pins Twitter password. Lawrence is fucking running amok.

But in all seriousness, my editors don’t want a series of Dad jokes for this piece so what I really am gonna try to focus on this year is archives and vintage collecting. It’s not that I don’t love all the contemporary stuff, it’s just really easy to stay abreast of all that. So instead this year, I’m gonna try to dive deep into some of my favorite designers’ archives and old militaria. Really, it’s because I want to be able to say, “Oh, it’s vintage,” when someone asks me where I got something. 


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