Whether you believe it or not, celebrities are the true barometer of style as the year goes on. If athletes, musicians or actors experiment with their wardrobes and ascend to stylish new heights, there's a strong chance that the general public will follow suit. With more events like the inaugural New York Fashion Week: Men’s on the calendar, famous guys had new opportunities to explore the rapidly expanding field of men’s fashion and another chance to show off their personal style. And it wasn't just the usual suspects making waves. Even athletes—who traditionally land somewhere between hypebeast and Tim Duncan—found style saints in the form of Victor Cruz and Nick “Swaggy P” Young.

A strong coalition of men made their mark on the style scene in 2015. Modern-day icons like A$AP Rocky, Pharrell, and Zayn (fresh off his One Direction years) continued to think outside the box when it came to filling their wardrobes with everything from Louis Vuitton and adidas, to Gosha Rubchinskiy and Midnight Studios. And let’s not forget that this was also the year that Kanye West dropped not one, but two collections, the first of which sold very well worldwide. Yes, his designs had their detractors, but when it comes to West, it’s nearly inevitable that his aesthetic will inspire others well into the future. Moving men’s style forward in more ways than one, these are the Most Stylish Celebrities of 2015.