How Hip-Hop Influenced Karl Lagerfeld

Karl Lagerfeld, the designer who inspired this year's Met Gala theme, has had a long relationship with hip-hop. Here's some of his most memorable moments.

Karl Lagerfeld Hip Hop Timeline

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Karl Lagerfeld Hip Hop Timeline

Karl Lagerfeld spent over six decades as a fashion designer helping define and popularize brands like Fendi and Chanel. Lagerfeld created Fendi’s famous “FF” and Chanel’s “double C”  logos. He turned Chanel from a sleepy brand mostly known for its fragrances into one of the world’s most recognizable luxury labels. He understood the value of turning runways into spectacles so he called in 265-ton icebergs or launched actual rockets into space for his show sets. Granted, the late Lagerfeld was problematic, but his impact on fashion is unquestionable. He was one of the first designers to weave youth culture with traditional brands while becoming a prolific individual in his own right. 

Because of his impact, the Met Gala’s theme this year is centered on his illustrious career. But there’s also a reason why rappers like Cam’ron and Nicki Minaj have name-dropped Lagerfeld on their songs. Aside from being associated with some of the world’s finest luxury labels, Lagerfeld understood the influence of  hip-hop early on. Here’s various moments throughout his career where his work intersected with hip-hop culture.

Chanel’s ‘Hip-Hop’ Collection

Karl Lagerfeld AW1991

Chanel’s Streetwear-Inspired Show

Karl Lagerfeld Hip Hop Timeline Chanel Baggy Denim

Karl Lagerfeld Shoots Ye for VMAN

Karl Lagerfeld VMAN Magazine Kanye West Cover

Karl Lagerfeld Shoots Theophilus London’s Vibes! Cover

Theophilus London Vibes Cover Karl Lagerfeld

Chanel Pharrell

Chanel Pharrell Karl Lagerfeld Hip Hop Timeline

Fendi x Fila

Fendi Fila Karl Lagerfeld Hip Hop Timeline

Nicki Minaj x Karl Lagerfeld

Fendi Fila Nicki Minaj Karl Lagerfeld

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