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Karl Lagerfeld said some dumbass shit in a new interview, and we are here to excerpt some of that dumbass shit for your reading displeasure.

Asked by Numéro to rank designers Simon Porte Jacquemus, Virgil Abloh, and Jonathan Anderson in "descending order of talent," Lagerfeld declined to mention Abloh in his answer at all. "The designers I prefer, in disorder, Marine Serre—1m50 but a will of steel—Jacquemus, who makes me laugh… and who is rather pretty too," he said. "He is funny, yes. And to conclude JW Anderson, even if his approach is occasionally over intellectualized. Undoubtedly, I haven't done the required studies." Undoubtedly indeed.

Asked to choose who among those same three designers he'd choose to accompany him to a desert island "to end your days with," Lagerfeld jumped completely out the window with his answer: "I'd kill myself first."

Somehow, that's not all. Lagerfeld—who previously said some dumbass shit about the Kim K robbery—expressed his totally unneeded thoughts on the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements. "I'm fed up with it," he said, adding that what "shocks" him the most about the ongoing cultural conversation is "the starlets who have taken 20 years to remember what happened." Lagerfeld also shared his personal opinion on Harvey Weinstein, how #MeToo will affect his own work (apparently it will not), and much more. Whatever.

In summary, fuck Karl Lagerfeld. The dude is clearly threatened by new creative voices entering the fashion conversation and he also has some super shit ideas on #MeToo.