20 Indigenous-Owned Fashion Brands in Canada You Should Know

The amount of Indigenous-owned companies selling clothes and accessories across Canada is endless. Here are 20 of our favourite ones to check out.

A faceless model wearing a Section 35 hoodie

Image via Alex Waber

A faceless model wearing a Section 35 hoodie

If there’s something we should be hearing more about in Canada, it’s Indigenous designers. Whether it’s the way Section 35 uses visual storytelling to authentically celebrate Indigenous art and culture, or the apparel activism of Dusty LeGrande’s Mobilize streetwear brand, Indigenous talent in the country is bursting at the seams.

This weekend’s Indigenous Fashion Arts Festival in Toronto—featuring designers from Canada and around the world—offers up a taste, but there are still many more homegrown brands to discover. 

Even outside of fashion, we’ve shared stories about the International Indigenous Music Summit and how dancers like Tallcree First Nation’s James Jones (or Notorious Cree on TikTok) are elevating Indigenous representation in the media. And that’s just scratching the surface.

So here are some of the Indigenous fashion talents the country has to offer, stretching from the southernmost community of Nunavut to Winnipeg. They’re all Indigenous, all based in Canada, and all well worth your time. 


A model wearing a pink paisley headscarf, pink sunglasses, and a jean jacket with white fur attatched

Resist Clothing

A model wearing a black t-shirt and baseball cap against a mural

Chippewar Nation


Section 35

Model wearing Section 35 apparel


Biulu Artisan Boutique

A pair of blue beadwork butterfly earrings from Biulu Artisan Boutique

Hinaani Design

Red Rebel Armour

Evan Ducharme

Indi City

Naokah Designs

Two people wearing tie dyed orange Every Child Matters shirts from Naokah Designs

Manitobah MukLuks

Eeyou Istchee Lifestyle

Red Road Clothing

North Okanagan Apparel

Founder of North Okanagan Apparel poses in front of mountains

Smudge The Blades

Feral Fawn

Born in the North

Bronwyn Butterfield

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