Man Secures $14,000 Cartier Earrings for $14 Following Price Error

The man said Cartier attempted to back out of the sale but they were forced to honor it due to Mexican consumer law.

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A man has scored the deal of a lifetime after he managed to secure Cartier earrings valued at $14,000 for just $14.

As reported by NBC Philadelphia, Rogelio Villareal was browsing through Cartier's website one day when he stumbled across a deal that seemed too god to be true. The gold-and-diamond earrings were listed for just 237 Mexican pesos (roughly $14) instead of the recommended retail price of 237,000 (roughly $14,000). In a panic, he ordered two sets of earrings at a low price, which was evidently an error.

It took months, but the earrings eventually showed up. However, Cartier put up a fight until Mexican officials pointed out that consumer law requires businesses to sell products at the listed price. Villareal, who is currently doing his medical residency as a doctor, revealed on his social media account that the company even offered to send him champagne during the months-long back-and-forth.

"It feels great and it’s cool not to be the underdog for once in my life," shared Villareal, who gave one of the sets of earrings to his mother.

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Mexico's consumer protection agency spokesman Jesús Montaño said that Villareal filed the complaint regarding the purchase in December, and there's a hearing scheduled for May 3. That might not result in much, though, as he's already received the earrings. "[Cartier] have to respect the published price," added Montaño. "It’s not the consumer’s fault."

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