Design Credits: Jeffrey Banks; Alixandre; Merona Sports sportwear; Concorde International; B. Glanzrock; L'Aiglon; Lakeland; and Oxford Industries.

Jeffrey Banks was a go-getter from a young age, working in the top ranks of Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein before establishing his own namesake firm in 1978 at the age of 25. Banks brought a masculine element of glamour from Hollywood during the '20s and '30s to his contemporary clothing. His name graced suiting, neckwear, and accessories, but his biggest moneymaker was the furs he designed for men and boys.

André Leon-Talley said his furs were "so smart and tailored that some women want to wear them." He was also dedicated to the business end of his endeavors, and remained enmeshed in the financials of his various pursuits during his career, which was probably for the best. Japanese businessman Tomio Taki invested in Banks' company in 1988, helping him out greatly. Banks continues to design clothes that are worn by stylish guys around the world.

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