Height of Style: Watch the Throne Tour
Signature Look: Yankee fitted, aviators, suits, spread collar shirts

With pretty much impeccable taste, Hov has established himself as one of the most influential figures in modern American style. A short list of the fashion decisions he's made is like a recent history of rap fashion: the introduction of platinum, the re-introduction of Gucci sneakers in the form of S.Carters, the end of car rims and the full embrace of bespoke tailoring over the label craziness of drug dealer chic. But most impressive is his single-handed murder of the throwback jersey. David Stern is probably still pissed, although Brooklyn Nets merch sales may help ease the pain. Jay's demand that hip-hop "button up" pushed hip-hop to grow out of extended adolescence overnight. His return to gold and embrace of brands like Givenchy shows his continued leadership in American style. But his greatest style coup to date? Beyoncé.