Sports and music go hand-in-hand. Whether we're watching a hockey game, taking in a soccer match, or hanging out at the ballpark, when fans sit down in their stadium or arena of choice, we want something other than the in-game action to get our blood pumping. Maybe it's something lighter like Blur's "Song 2," or perhaps we want to let out a little bit of pent-up anger by yelling along with Brian Johnson on Thunderstruck. Whatever the case, as fans, when we watch a game in person, we have a responsibility to our team to bring some energy of our own to the table, and get the stadium rocking. Music is what helps us get there. 

What are your favorite tracks to hear when you're watching your team go head-to-head with its most bitter rival? What song do you think should be playing when they've secured their latest victory? Whether it's a low-stakes preseason game or the last quarter of the NFL's Big Game, we sat down and figured out the 20 Best Stadium Anthems of All Time to get you guys thinking about what gets you going when it's game time. Time to get aboard the "Crazy Train."

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