Watch DeAndre Hopkins and Bun B Quiz Each Other on Rap Lyrics Featuring NFL Players

Texans player DeAndre Hopkins and Texas rapper Bun B quiz each other on rap lyrics that feature references to NFL players.

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If you’ve spent more than five minutes listening to rap music in your life, then you probably know that rappers really seem to enjoy name-dropping NFL players in their songs. They do it a lot. Over the summer, Jay Z proved this by including a shout-out to Josh Norman on his verse on DJ Khaled’s "I Got The Keys." So when DraftKings got Texans wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins and Texas rapper Bun B into the same room recently, they decided to see which of them could name the rappers who name-dropped players in their songs by having them quiz one another.

The quiz quickly became secondary, though. Because while it is interesting to see Bun rack his brain to try and think of which rapper name-dropped Odell Beckham Jr. on one specific song (spoiler alert: It was Kanye!), it’s the stories and anecdotes that Hopkins and Bun share that are the real selling point of this video. Bun talks about what it’s been like for him to work with rappers like Jay and Kanye in the past, while Hopkins discusses the impact his teammate J.J. Watt has made on the league and why he would trade places with Kanye if he could.

"I have a lot of people ask me: Who do I look up to?" Hopkins says. "I tell a lot of people Kanye West. If I could be somebody else, that’s who I would want to be just because of how bold he is and how he stand up for what he believe in. It’s a lot more that go into him. If you just read about him, you know, his fashion and how he want to be an icon above Louis Vuitton and places like that…"

"He’s striving for greatness," Bun says.

"As everybody should!" Hopkins adds.

You can watch Hopkins and Bun B discuss rap lyrics featuring NFL players—and much more—in the clip above.

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