Team(s) involved: Knicks
Player(s) involved: Carmelo Anthony, Derrick Williams, Paul Pierce, Pablo Prigioni
Wins gained: -2

If you're a Knicks fan and believe keeping Carmelo is the right move, you're a fool. Carmelo, of course, has to sign off on this trade, but he spends time during the off-season in L.A. when he's not sipping Bordeaux in the Bahamas with his buddy Chris Paul, and needs to get the hell out of New York if he ever wants to get past the second round of the playoffs again. As for Knicks fans, watching Blake and Kristaps Porzingis assault the rim 82 times a year sounds amazing. Plus NYC gets to make "the life of Pablo (Prigioni)" jokes for the rest of the year. —Adam Caparell (@AdamCaparell)