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Autumn leaves fall, scatter, and eventually carpet the cement before crumbling under the weight of human steps. Mother Earth's soil exhales its last breaths as death marches across the soil to stalk vulnerable creatures dependent on summer's warmth. Some of them might not make it through the coming winter.

It's trade machine season.

This time we talk Russell Westbrook, the second hottest player in the league right now behind Steph Curry. Or maybe not, depending on what metric you're using. As you may well know, Kevin Durant's contract is up after this season, thus putting Oklahoma City in a precarious position. They could trade KD before the deadline if they think he'll flee for DC to try to get some value for the former MVP. They could hold onto both players and simply hope Kevin will resign. Or, they could choose what's behind Door #3—trade Russell Westbrook to ensure Kevin Durant knows the Thunder are his team.

With today being Russell Westbrook's 27th birthday and Westbrook's trade value at an all-time high, there's no better time than the present to see what works. Let's explore the options. These are 15 ESPN Trade Machine-Approved Deals for Russell Westbrook.